New Classes

BIG Change comes from the INSIDE….Out

Everything is changing.  The answer is not “out there”!  The classes I teach are designed to connect you to your Source.


are the wise, capable, loving ONE that you have been seeking. I guide you to find your OWN guidance within through effective, experiential processes. The tools you will learn allow you to trust your WISDOM and to know deeply that you are WORTHY. I have taught for over 20 years.  From long experience, I can tell you that the Divine within you is capable of answering all your questions.

Please view some recent class testimonials:

“So many amazing things keep happening to me.  I feel as if so much good fortune is in my life and I have so much excitement about my life now, I can’t contain it!”     ~ J.T. 

The answers that you seek are never outside of you, even though they may appear to be.

To find YOUR answers within, contact suzanne @
or by phone at US number +1 (541) 631-8757
(Please eliminate the spaces in the email address.)


One Response to New Classes

  1. aluma motenko says:

    I love it Suzanne!! beautiful, poignant, enlivening! Its a beautiful, magical journey to share!!!

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