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Rapid, new approaches to resolving old issues

Deep, fast, directed change

To effortlessly merge ALL aspects of the self, in order to relax deeply and fully experience life — without an agenda. What would this be like?

My focus in on Non-techniquey ways to help you REST as WHO YOU ARE. When you are resting in the NOW, integration of the missing pieces happens on its own. Without efforting.

In the last several years, I have realized that the methods that I have been most interested in all bring us back to our original essence of divinity. This essence of who we are is not separate, or striving, or in pain. As we return to this original essence, we can DROP even longstanding patterns and painful conditions.

Whether you have been working very hard on yourself, moving from one modality to another and trying to heal trauma, pain or stuck spots, or you have never done deep transformational work before, new research indicates that working on our feelings about what happened or beliefs about what happened does not really get to the core of the matter, and if it does, it can take a long time and we are on a treadmill of constantly having to work on ourselves.

THANKFULLY, there is a faster way. By coming fully to this present moment the suffering or undesired pattern and the VIBRATIONAL frequency that holds it in place can release, and limiting patterns leave.

Maybe the reason that these things have been so hard to heal in the past is because we have been looking in the wrong place. Have you ever noticed that patterns always exist in the past or are projected onto the future?

Do they exist in the present moment? Really? Look around you and feel inside your body and see what is actually here NOW.

For example, let’s talk about shifting patterns of lack around money and success. Let’s say you have used all the Law of Attraction tricks, and you still find that the pattern does not shift. Why not? You are working on your FEELINGS around money, BELIEFS about money and ACTIONS with money, and still only see marginal shift. Why?

When we allow the pattern to unwind through the breath and present moment awareness, we can accomplish deep, fundamental change that has thus far escaped us. Quickly, simply, permanently.

Click here to see a testimonial on a 20 minute session:

Why does this work so well? Many methods and modalities promise that we can have, do or be what we want if we just DO this or DO that. My experience is that it is more effective to move into a balance of action and “non-doing”. “Doing-ness” (striving, struggling) CAN mean that we are constantly pushing against the pattern, and thereby reinforcing it.

NON-doing is more effective, mainly because once the CORE VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC frequency of the pattern is acknowledged, the pattern unwinds — on its own!

You CAN return to your natural state, where it is ok to exist effortlessly and without an agenda. And, yes, you can get A LOT accomplished! Most of your limitation is actually a result of unacknowledged, hidden suffering that has kept you from resting as who you are.

Let’s take an example:

Judith had a long-term, debilitating fear of public speaking, and as we went into the pattern, she realized that it all came down to a feeling of being unworthy to be “seen”. This had an ancestral root of deep shame. When we cleared that (in 37 minutes) she was able to give a speech THE NEXT DAY without contraction or apprehension. She could allow herself to be seen, and she had fun with it!

Click here to see more testimonials.

The goal of my sessions and seminars is to unwind the stuck places in your experience by using present moment awareness (PMA). PMA is the most powerful tool of all.

Once these stuck places are cleaned up with pure awareness, you are free to move forward to your highest good.

Thanks for visiting my website, and I am looking forward to sharing your freedom with you!

Blessings and love,



About Suzanne Mark

Suzanne Mark teaches rapid-release and deep change through an easy, simple focus on non-doing and FUN. Suzanne has discovered that self-growth is mostly bunk if it does not give you the capacity to fully enjoy your life and to know your TRUE worthiness.
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