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Deep, Effective, Healing Transformation

Hello and welcome!

You may be very successful, or you may be in transition to your greatest truth.  The way I see it, you are probably here because your life is not working in one or more key ways and you may have what I call a “low-frequency dilemma”.  Your lowered frequency (energetic level) results in:

• A cycle of hopefulness and hopelessness
• Feeling that you are missing something
• Inability to move forward (self sabotage patterns)
• Anxiety, depression, self judgment
• Inability to attract abundance, love, opportunity, and other wonderful things!

Maybe you have done a lot of personal growth or you are not all that into self growth. Either way, you feel “There must be more” or “Am I missing something?” Somehow, you feel separate from the fullness of life or you are struggling in one or more areas.

You feel like you have hit an invisible ceiling.

The shocking truth is that underneath these surface feelings, you feel like something is not quite where you want it to be and you cannot fix it because you have no idea WHAT the core (subconscious) issue is!  As one client said, “My vitality, potential and life force are being drained and I do not know WHY.” Or, as another client said, “I feel like I am moving forward and then a giant invisible rubber band pulls me back.”

You have come to the right place.

Please know that I have been there. Cycling in and out of my ability to express my potential, achieve success and unable to enjoy NOW.

Currently, I experience my life totally differently. LIFE IS DELIGHTFUL and JOYFUL! I have absolutely everything I need as I need it. Let me assure you, it is possible for you to actually have what you want and feel how you want to in life. You can raise your frequency to attract abundance, to feel great and to live in a state of JOY. You can expand fully into your beautiful, sassy self.

I can help.

The secret is to raise your frequency. I have discovered something that actually works. I call it the “High Frequency Solution”.

High Frequency Results:

1. FREEDOM from long-standing subconscious blocks and limiting patterns.
2. SPECIFIC frequencies to support the magnificent YOU that you were intended to be.
3. EASE, joy, high energy.
4. COURAGEOUSLY and fully being YOU in the world.

You can have these results. Easily. Permanently. Just by using a few key tools and by shifting your core beliefs that equal your energetic frequency inside.  Together, we will REWRITE your lower frequency areas so that you are rewired for happiness and success.  Yes, it’s true! It has worked for thousands of people and it can work for you. Once these stuck places are overwritten by higher frequencies, you are free to LIVE IN your highest good.

Contact me now to set up a FREE consultation at US number
+1 (541) 631-8757 or by emailing at Suzanne @ suzannemark.com.

Please see my Services Page for more information on Private Sessions.

Here is a recent testimonial (July 2013):

“It has been a week since my session with Suzanne and the profound feeling of calm and peace is still with me. As most of us who walk a spiritual path know, when you experience an emotional or spiritual shift, the results can fade quickly. The problems you wanted to “fix” come back because they were never truly addressed and resolved. The big “AHA” becomes an important but usually small step forward. But in one session with Suzanne has “reshuffled the deck” of my life and produced profound and lasting results. There isn’t an aspect of my life that hasn’t been positively changed since our session – I’ve lost weight, I’m more engaged in my life, I communicate better with my husband, my friends, my family – and I know that my life will only continue to move in this direction.

Suzanne is truly a gifted healer with a kind, loving and generous spirit. She wants you to find peace and harmony and actively works with you to achieve your goals. I recommend Suzanne to anyone who is ready for an amazingly positive and life-changing experience.”

Thanks for visiting my website, and I look forward to serving you in being MAGNIFICENT!


Contact suzanne @ suzannemark.com or by phone at US number
+1 (541) 631-8757 (Eliminate the spaces in the email address.)


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