About Suzanne

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For over 20 years, my calling has been as a facilitator of deep, dynamic personal change, assisting others to find the peaceful, strong core that resides within. I focus on gently helping you UNCOVER YOUR HIGHEST KNOWING and your deepest sense of worthiness.

Along my journey, I have learned and taught many healing modalities. There are so many people teaching so many things that it can get confusing. To me, the essential thing is for you to learn how to connect with your OWN SPIRITUAL SUPPORT TEAM and your HIGHER SELF so that you can source your own guidance. This guidance is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is aligned directly with your HIGHER SELF and your energetic frequency. When we compulsively look for the truth outside of ourselves, we perpetuate a cycle of dependency. I have discovered that it is best to find our answers within and then be guided to the right assistance.

In my workshops and private sessions, I use and teach and several tools that will help you uncover your knowing and your perception of your inherent worthiness by:

Teaching you how to locate and release stuck emotions, thoughts and concepts that are not serving
Floralive Flower Essences to heal and rewrite limiting core beliefs
Showing you how to connect to your Higher Self and Divine Support Team directly, so you are the one in power
Rapid trauma release to bring you into the present moment

When you know who you really are, your life will become easier and more effortless. Please contact me by email or phone and together we can work to free you to be the magnificent being that you really are!

I look forward to collaborating with you.



suzanne @ suzannemark.com, or by phone at US +1 (541) 631-8757


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