Past Courses

Something BIG is happening on Sunday the 24th of August!

Due to the response that Suzanne received from the last two seminars on how to communicate with Nature Spirits from the Devic realms, we are going to FILM this fun and powerful class! We need 15 supportive, spiritually adventurous participants who would like to assist Suzanne in bringing this teaching to the world.

You are invited to a free seminar on How to Communicate with Nature Devas (Nature Devas are the spiritual beings that govern the natural world.)
You will receive:

• Fun transformation!
• A free (many say life-changing) class, where you will learn invaluable skills.
• An opportunity to birth something wonderful and deepen your intuition.
• Great refreshments.
• Did we say FUN?

Your presence in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. It does not matter if you have attended before; we would love to have you and other like-minded seekers who are new to this work. Bring a friend. The class is different each time and you will deepen and expand. Maybe you feel called to join us (again)?

Because this class is going to be filmed, some of the participant’s experiences may or may not be used in the final version of the video. If you are interested in being in the film, you must be willing to sign a release agree to be on camera.

Please contact us ASAP to register; time is limited and we need a firm number of people by Tuesday, the 19th. Please share this opportunity with your like-minded friends. Space is limited in this intimate group setting.

Are you available to join us on Sunday, August 24th from 1:00-6:00?

A note from Lila Harding who hosted the recent workshops in May and June:

“How to Communicate with Nature Devas is about ‘stepping into your power by sourcing your OWN guidance’. Though it sounds very esoteric or spiritual to some, I want to share what I feel are some of the practical applications of learning to gain insights from any kind of spirit-based intelligence or guidance (horse or otherwise) and yes, we focused on horse-based guidance and connecting in to it in the class, but the tools, techniques and practice apply to ANY kind of help from other realms.

More specifically…many of us have experienced feeling some connection to our inner knowing, those of us who find a kinship and connection with horses and animals might explain this as a body sensing or a heart-centered, feeling awareness. Most of us can also attest that at times of stress and overwhelm, we feel disconnected from this same guidance system for a variety of reasons.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn, understand and source our own unique guidance all around us for times when we need clarity, confirmation and support, to not feel alone when making choices, decisions and taking bold actions?

If you are a life-long learner, a person that wants to hone your skills, add to your tool bag as a healer, coach or guide, or just learn to connect with, trust and confirm information for yourself, this workshop is for you!

Practical applications:

“You can feel confident in your ability to receive clear messages and communication and to help you with any problem solving or support. You will receive 3 readings from your spiritual support team. You will also learn how to give readings to other people. A recent participant said that these readings ‘Blew my socks off’.

There IS information, guidance and access to insight for everyone who wants to learn the skills of how to access the information. To get on a personal level with the wisdom that is always present and awaiting our request for support. You do not have to consider yourself psychic, anyone who is willing to be open and to practice can attune themselves to these gifts.

While I often have a sense of wonder and amazement at others’ gifts, I often feel disconnected and don’t think to ask for support and help from my own guidance. I have been so excited to learn these key tools that are helping me access the constant support around me and within me. What a relief. Whew!”

~ Lila Harding, Horse Coach and Retreat Facilitator

If learning how to connect in with your OWN guidance and glean powerful, useful, insights from that information sounds valuable, then please contact us ASAP.


This course teaches you how to step into your power by sourcing your OWN guidance, rather than constantly going to others.

How to Communicate with Horse Devas
~Sponsored by Lila Harding of Holy Horse Encounters

The Spirit of the Horse is a powerful animal Deva (Spirit-Guide-Oversoul). This force has been present on Earth throughout her creation and through her most tumultuous and expansive period of growth. The way to deep communion with The Spirit of the Horse is now available to all who wish to engage in conscious relationship. There is no horse experience necessary in this workshop as we will be working with the Horse Spirit intelligence, not with live horses.

In this four-hour, hands-on experience, you will learn:

• Who The Horse Devas are and how they are here to help
• The 4 Fundamentals of accessing Horse Spirit help to solve problems and gain insight
• The 7 Steps to talking with your Horse Guide or other animal guide
• You may receive your Horse/Animal Guide’s name
• How to receive messages from horses (& other animal realms)                          in writing for self and others
• Receive creative inspiration and healing on your path

Under the powerful tutelage of the Horse Guides, we are able to integrate our shadow, enter into our own power, lead our herds and discover our highest soul calling. The Horses’ deep wellspring of awareness provides you with the inner strength and drive to carry your truth to the world. EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE by SOURCING YOUR OWN GUIDANCE.

Come, share, and allow yourself to be guided by powerful forces through Horse Communication. The contribution of your presence will make this a life-changing, deeply healing experience.

Date: Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Time: 10:00 am – 2:45 pm Fee: $57.00
Location: Beautiful, private, sunny urban Zen retreat home in the foothills of Ashland, Oregon.  Address supplied upon registration.
Registration: Contact Lila at Holy Horse Encounters ~ 541-200-5212

For over 20 years, facilitator Suzanne Mark has taught thousands of people to receive clear guidance from other realms. She has facilitated courses on Emotional Intelligence, Angelic Communication and healing internationally and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs in English and Spanish.

A visionary in horse human collaboration, Lila Harding partners with horses to offer innovative experiential trainings and workshops that combine horse-herd behavior and human dynamics. Working alongside horses provides meaningful insights into interpersonal communications, relationship building, and personal growth. The Holy Horse Courses serve as a transformation conduit for individuals and organizations wanting to change perspective, achieve personal productivity, and get lasting results. The in-depth exploration of horse-human interaction is a daring catalyst to reconnect individuals to their passion and purpose.

Early registration advised, as space is limited. Refreshments will be provided.
Please bring a journal, pen and an open heart.


Please email or call to find out about courses in Ashland, Oregon.

If you would like to schedule a course in your area, I would be delighted to share these powerful techniques with your group.

Call +1 (541) 631-8757 or email suzanne @ to enquire.


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