Recent live seminar testimonials:

“I am honored to have been included in your class for your DVD. You are a gifted teacher. In your gentle, kind way you presented the material clearly making it easy to understand. The day flowed with ease and grace and I went home flying as high as a kite very energized and uplifted. As I mentioned to you, the material you presented put things in perspective for me. I have been communicating with the Devas but I didn’t know that; I had never had the words and concepts for what I was doing! I just did it for years and years myself never discussing it with anyone. So this was a very big moment for me and that is why I was so emotional at our first “reading” as the tears of joy poured out at finally being able to share this very important part of my life in the group with the loving, nurturing and gentle circle that you created.

What a magnificent experience for me! What a magnificent day! And a powerful magnificent soul you are!!!”
~Aluma Motenko
Aluma Herbs https://www.facebook.com/gotoalumaherbs

“I send my deepest gratitude to you. It was an amazing day. You opened doors for us that we knew existed but did not have the knowledge to access. Plus, I loved the women who gathered to learn and share.
The course opened a door that makes communicating with my angels so simple and effortless. They are always there and I recognize their voices when I write. Without fail, the information I am given is full of unconditional love and wisdom that is new to my life experience.

This has been life-changing. I am finding that I am so much kinder to myself and easier to be around. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking self-knowledge.”
~Diane Sanny

On-on-one session testimonials:

“Dear Suzanne, I think of you often. I will never forget how giving, wise and loving you were to me during a really rough patch in my life. No words are sufficient to thank you.

In the meantime, I hope and pray all the love and healing you have so selfishly provide for people and animals comes back to you 3 fold and surrounds you and holds you…you are so loved and cherished by so many. May today be full of sunshine and rainbows and all the days that follow; this is my wish for you. As we all too well know in these chaotic and brutal times on our planet; hard days come. I carry you in my heart and prayers!”
~C.O., Taos, NM

“It has been a week since my Deep PEAT session with Suzanne and the profound feeling of calm and peace is still with me. As most of us who walk a spiritual path know when you experience an emotional or spiritual shift, the results can fade quickly. The problems you wanted to “fix” come back because they were never truly addressed and resolved. The big “AHA” becomes an important but usually small step forward. But one session with Suzanne has “reshuffled the deck” of my life and produced profound and lasting results. There isn’t an aspect of my life that hasn’t been positively changed since our session – I’ve lost weight, I’m more engaged in my life, I communicate better with my husband, my friends, my family – and I know that my life will only continue to move in this direction.

Suzanne is truly gifted healer with a kind, loving and generous spirit. She wants you to find peace and harmony and actively works with you to achieve your goals. I recommend Suzanne to anyone who is ready for an amazingly positive and life-changing experience.”
~A.R., Phoenix, Arizona

More testimonials from one-on-one clients and students:

Suzanne Mark has amazing talent in helping me to release old patterns in my life that were no longer serving me. I felt held back, oppressed and stuck by unfelt emotions. Suzanne created the perfect environment helping me to become aware, therefore starting my process of healing and balance I needed to forward my journey to self realization. VERY POWERFUL! Thank You Suzanne!!
~K. Warner

I just had a session with Suzanne. WOW! Let me tell you, this stuff is powerful. I had no idea how much and how deep this stuff can get. We all carry around stuff that is holding us back, and we are not aware that it goes back into our own ancestry. After working with Suzanne, I was able to pinpoint some issues and with her expertise we got to the source, and as far as I can tell eliminated them! Amazing work from an Amazing woman! Blessings to you Suzanne and thank you.
~Jim Hawks

I had been flat on my back with back pain for 4 days and in one short 45 minute session with Suzanne, my pain went all the way from an 8 or a 9 down to a 1 or a 2. I could not believe it. The insights I gained about my ancestral pattern of overwork and being hard on myself that was at the root of my pain were invaluable. Days later my pain is still gone. THANK YOU Suzanne!
~ T. Wyatt, Utah

I had a severe fear of public speaking and after only ONE 40 minute session with Suzanne the day before, the presentation went MUCH better than I expected and I was quite amazed at how much things changed!

Working on the genetics so far back had quite a dramatic effect because I really didn’t feel so judged and had every right to be up there presenting and having people listening to me.

I wasn’t incapacitated at all and was only a bit nervous. I was able to give examples and ask and answer questions and move away from the podium. This was quite a break through for me and I was much relieved. Thank you Suzanne!
~ Jacky, New York

Dear Suzanne,
I hope you realize what a help you have been for me, even we only spoke a couple of hours! I’ve found my Inner Child, and try to take care of her. I felt so happy that I found her, knowing it was not too late!

I realized that it’s time to take care of myself, instead of always doing things in favor of others. Despite the Crohn’s, I really feel relieved. I think I’m on the right track to learn to let go, and that’s one of the clues of healing myself. I really think the time has come to protect myself, and take really, really good care of myself.

Thank you very much, for being there in a moment I didn’t realize the need.
~K., Belgium

“I call Suzanne a TOTAL “Teacher of Teachers”, she has Mastery in deprogramming past memories and mental defense mechanisms stored in our past memory where they act on a cellular level. The work I did with Suzanne brought me to self healing. We are very fortunate to have her here and available, I recommend Suzanne to anyone that believes in miracles because they are ready to happen when people are ready for them.”
~M. Ramos,

“An unexpected situation had just triggered some deep emotion and a whole lot of stress. My heart-pounding, head aching, mind going over and over the story, tightness in the pit of my stomach, not sleeping — basically I was in the grip of some pretty intense fear. After almost 24 hours of this, I was feeling pretty wiped out.

I did a short session with Suzanne (less than 15 minutes). We found the core of the fear, released it and replaced the old pattern (as in VERY old, ancestral, we’re talking all the way back to Neolithic/Stone age stuff) and replaced it with a new pattern of ease and abundance. By the end of this short process I was feeling relaxed, peaceful, laughing; ready to go to work.

Wow! What an amazing shift. I literally feel like a piece of my
foundation has been replaced and everything going forward will be easier. Thank you Suzanne!”
~Sylvia Nibley
Entrepreneur, http://inquirycards.com/
Quote: “It doesn’t get any better than THIS.”

“After the process I wrote the following: ‘I am awash with the truth…I am the culmination of all the creative potential in my lineage. All of creation is singing for me, for life…for abundant verdant bursting life. This cooperative, creative, abundance is an expression of my birthright.’

I also love that this work effects all directions of genetic affiliation…my daughter spontaneously reported she felt free from anxiety – she did not know I had done this work.

Suzanne, I am so grateful for the clarity, calm and comfort you bring to the processes, I always feel I’m in good, sure hands. Thank you!”
~Shannon Simonelli, Ph.D., ATR, 5RMT
NeuroImaginal Somatic Psychotherapist

“I met Suzanne at a course in Belgium and I am so grateful for this encounter, Suzanne is such a compassionate and loving woman. While on the course I suffered from a really stiff neck and a session with her helped me profoundly, not only releasing my neck but also having many powerful insights about my life. Since then, I have had the chance to have another session over the phone and this was as amazing. I love her kind and gentle approach — simple and effective. I felt very supported and loved and this enabled profound changes to take place. I am ever so grateful to have had these two opportunities to work with her and I definitely recommend her as a practitioner.”
~Sophie Auber
Praticienne et Enseignante de ThetaHealing™

Anonymous after-course evaluations:

“Suzanne showed a remarkable talent for presenting the material clearly in a well-paced manner. She was sensitive to everyone and had an impressive skill for “drawing people out”. She was very open and approachable and shared relatable experiences as she taught. There was nothing about Suzanne that I did not like. She was absolutely hilarious! I am really glad I came and look forward to doing the second course tomorrow.”

“I liked Suzanne Mark’s ability and openness – both to express empathy with participants who were struggling with their emotions and to admit her own problems that she has struggled with.”

“Suzanne was masterful at rapport. Watching her help somebody release was like watching spiritual ballet. There was nothing I did not like.”

“I felt an immediate bond to Suzanne and this helped me to see/feel my issues more clearly. I felt that she connected with everyone in the group and we were all able to express ourselves openly and truthfully. I felt very safe and protected. I look forward to attending another course in the future.”

“They (Suzanne and Dan) were very loving, encouraging, fair and respectful. Their styles really complement each other.”

“There is a wonderful warmth and spirituality in Suzanne that I feel touches each person in the room and enhances the process. I like the way Suzanne leads in group facilitation, and her thoroughness. There is nothing I dislike about Suzanne.”

“I thought/felt Suzanne was tuned in with each individual’s thoughts, feelings, struggles and releases. I thought she was more in tune and compassionate than any therapist that has helped in the past. She also articulated the concepts in a very clear, concise way that was easy for me to relate to and understand.”

Signed after course evaluations:

The course has given me a tool that I can use moment by moment, in any situation. It is a compliment to my meditation practice. In learning to welcome my feelings, learning to welcome the “wanting” to change them, and learning how to release both has been an incredible gift.
~Joni Gabriel

“I allowed myself to be open to a new experience. Although I was a bit uncomfortable at first, I gradually began to release. I realize that feelings come and go—they don’t have to control your life. Additionally I came to realize that dwelling in the past has no place in the now—I can’t change what I did, who I was yesterday. I can only try to be the best person I am ‘now’.”
—Dee Lance

“This seminar has given me tremendous gains. I had a huge release on a past trauma that makes me feel so free and happy and I know it will deeply affect my life for the better. New ways of releasing were learned which showed a different way to approach life.”
—Clare King

“I feel like I was able to realize that I am alive emotionally. I have been suppressing for most of my life with food and various other substances and subsequently felt somewhat dead inside. I have also realized that my feelings won’t kill me, that they aren’t me and that they’re transitory. I am feeling hopeful that this is the means I’ve needed to deal with my addiction.”
—Katharine Schneider


Dear Suzanne,
I am writing to express my appreciation and support for  emotional releasing course we recently completed. You were excellent as a teacher and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Thank you for very patiently helping me learn and practice this new tool. Through the releasing technique taught in the Sedona Method course, I have experienced some remarkable benefits both personally and professionally.
Physically, I have experienced a number of improvements in my general health:
· lowering of my blood pressure to a normal reading
· elimination of the tenderness in my temples from clenching my teeth
· significant reduction of tension in my chest
· improvement in my memory
· need about one hour less sleep per night
· wake up more rested and refreshed

Emotionally, I have noticed several changes as well:
· greater sense of joy and gratitude
· greater sense of aliveness and expression of feelings
· increased sense of peace and optimism

Professionally, I’ve noticed positive changes in how people relate to me. People are more willing to listen and I enjoy interacting with people more. I handle stress on the job better, because I can use the Sedona releasing technique at any time. It’s especially helpful in difficult situations as I can let go of tension before it builds up. This allows me stay calm and focused. I believe this technique will definitely help me achieve my professional goals.

In short, I will whole-heartedly recommend your course to anyone who wants to improve his or her life.
—Thomas Walker, Engineering Consultant

After working with you over several sessions, I would happily recommend your healing to anyone who is ready to be more fulfilled, more joyful, more conscious, and just more alive. I even feel that someone who doesn’t even believe in any alternative therapy could be helped by you. Your work heals at such a deep cellular level that even I don’t know the extent of healing that occurs within myself, I just know it is profound.

If you ever need a personal reference or testimonial, please feel free to use this letter or myself as a contact. You are amazing and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.
With deep gratitude,
~Mary Vernal

I had a client at my business that I had been mad at for about 3 years. The experience in the company was that others at the company had a similar attitude and it was not a smooth working relationship with the client. I was in the middle of a negotiation with that client — and I had the experience of getting mad and then I had the experience of releasing and not being mad at him anymore.

I watched my attitude change in the meeting. Once my attitude changed regarding the client, then others in the company that work more closely with the client had a similar experience of release. As a result, our current relationship is good and the project that we are doing for the client is going very, very well and that has continued — ever since that release, things have really smoothed out.
~Vic Weese, CEO, Bolder Calls
Boulder, Colorado

Meeting Suzanne, and learning from her has been one of the most joyous experiences of my life. Simply put, my life was out-of-control with anxieties, mainly a very uncomfortable fear of flying. I wasn’t sure how Suzanne would be able to help me over the phone when I was calling from California and she was in Utah. I wasn’t 100% sure of this program. However, I was ready to give it a try. I still remember the build-up when it was the “D-day” to meet over the phone, and I was so excited to hopefully get my life back in control.

During the first meeting I was learning to release. Suzanne has this special talent with understanding people, giving positive reinforcement, being focused on her teachings, and especially, a wealth of patience. Suzanne made my sessions very easy to work with, and in return I was able to release many of my chronic fears that I had carried for a very long time.

Two months have passed after my last session, and I can say I have more confidence in my life, I sleep a whole lot better, I have five special life goals I am releasing on, and I have much more control over my life. Best of all, I have flown in an airplane without having the least bit of anxiety! I am a much better, happier person since I started sessions with Suzanne Mark. Praise God, and thanks Suzanne for your help!
~L. Sandoval
Gonzales, CA

“Since taking the Basic Sedona Method with Suzanne I have an easier and more gentle relationship to my feelings–I have more choice and less noise in my head with moments of true peace. Suzanne is a great teacher of the Method. She sparkles with insight, humor and compassion, creating a safe environment for inner exploration and release. I am very grateful.”
~Eileen Karn
Westport, Connecticut

In the weekend course with Suzanne, I started to realize that what I already knew. That it is my own self-imposed limitations that are often at the root of any health or other issue that I have always wanted to overcome. However, it wasn’t until I started releasing on my emotions and internal resistance during Suzanne’s seminar that I really experienced this for myself, and truly believed that it is possible to release limitations.

Do you have a testimonial that you would like to share? It would really help others. Please leave it below.

Contact suzanne @ suzannemark.com or by phone at US +1 (541) 631-8757
(Please eliminate the spaces in the email address.)


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